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I. About the Fagura Marketplace
8. What happens if Fagura goes bankrupt?
8. What happens if Fagura goes bankrupt?
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Investors money are managed on separated bank accounts aside Fagura’s heritage. It's an important measure to make sure that the investors money are safe.

Investors offer loans through the Fagura platform. The Borrower pays the loans to Fagura, who in return distributes the payments to each individual investor, in the amount each investor contributed to the loan. If Fagura goes bankrupt, investors would not receive the full amount of the payments from the borrowers, and these would become overdue debts of Fagura to investors as long as those payments went into its bank accounts. Subsequent recovery of sums will be done through the insolvency situation, which would be approved by the court.

We have taken certain steps to ensure protection for investors and borrowers if Fagura goes bankrupt. For example, we respect all succession criteria to provide a way for loans to be maintained by one or more third parties if Fagura goes bankrupt. We believe that qualitative loan servicing is an important part of the investor and borrower's experience and that maintaining a backup plan is vital to the peace of our customers.

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