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VI. Money transfers, payments and commissions
1. How are money transfers made to or from the investor's account?
1. How are money transfers made to or from the investor's account?
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Once you’ve opened a Fagura account, you'll need to transfer funds to your virtual account before you can make investments. You can transfer funds to your virtual account in a number of ways:

Bank transfer from the Republic of Moldova

In order to top-up your account with a classic money transfer, you need to use a remote customer service or get physically to a bank office where you have opened your account, in order to transfer the funds in MDL into Fagura’s account.

The money sent through an ordinary bank transfer will usually show up on your Fagura account within two business days. In the case of an emergency transfer, money is usually registered until the end of the transfer day.

For a transfer from the name of a natural person in favor of a legal person, banks may charge a commission, which is borne by the investor.

EU bank transfer

The transfer in EUR can be made from your banking app (personal web banking) into Fagura’s international account. Fagura’s banking details will be generated in the payment invoice on the platform.

A bank transfer received by Fagura before 14:00 will be posted to your account on the same day. If received after 14:00, it will be registered on the next business day.

We emphasize the fact that your virtual account supply is only possible from a bank account.

Important! Fagura will accept the top-up of the account opened on the platform only if the name and tax number of the bank account match the name associated with the Fagura account.

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