Once you’ve opened a Fagura account, you'll need to transfer funds to your virtual account before you can make investments. You can transfer funds to your virtual account in a number of ways:

Classic bank transfer

In order to load your account with a classic money transfer, you need to use a remote customer service or get physically to a bank office where you have opened your account, in order to transfer money in EUR into Fagura’s account.

Money transferred by an ordinary transfer from your bank is usually shown on your Fagura account in up to two business days. In the case of an emergency transfer, money is usually registered until the end of the transfer day.

For a transfer on behalf of an individual in favor of a legal person, the banks usually receives a commission, which is borne by the investor.

Load your account via www.fagura.com 

It is possible to load your virtual account by logging in to your account and clicking on the "Transfer" link on your user page and follow the required steps.

A bank transfer received by Fagura before 14:00 will be posted to your account on the same day. If received after 14:00, it will be registered on the next business day.

We emphasize the fact that your virtual account supply via www.fagura.comis only possible from a bank account.

Fagura will only accept the account supply on the Platform if the name and fiscal code associated with the bank account matches the name associated with the Fagura account.

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