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1. Am I an "investor" or a "lender"?
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From a legal point of view, you are an investor, thus in all the official documents signed in the Fagura transactions you will be listed as the lender.

But we see you as an investor because you have all the powers of an investor:

  • you can select the loans yourself, which you will only finance in a small part;

  • you can diversify the risk of non-payment of loans by selecting more loans to which you will contribute with lower amounts;

  • you can shape the profitability of your loan portfolio by financing borrowers with different ratings and different interest rates, respectively;

  • you can automatically reinvest your earnings;

  • and (later :) you will even be able to sell the fractions of previously-funded loans if you want to recover the amount immediately without waiting for the monthly installment from borrowers.

But please bear in mind that the investor, in addition to all the above benefits, assumes the risk of not receiving payments from the investments he makes. Please read in detail about the degrees of risk in which loan applications are structured, how to recover outstanding loans and what happens if a loan is compromised.

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