When you finance multiple loans, your dependence on a single loan is much lower. Thus, the impact of an eventual default will affect you only in the amount of the invested amount.

For example, an investment of 2 500 EUR can finance 100 loans each with 25 EUR. With an average annual interest rate of 16% of the portfolio, minus a 4% estimation of compromised loans and Fagura fee, the investor gets an average annual income over 10% anyway. Even if a certain percentage of loans will be compromised, the investor gets a higher income than on a bank deposit.

However, each decides individually on the number of loans to finance - starting with one loan, the maximum allowed amount and minimum investment amount. Our recommendation is to focus on a loan portfolio with a minimum of 100 loans (2 500 EUR), allowing you to have a diversified portfolio and significantly reduce the risks of investment.

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