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III. Eligibility criteria
1. What conditions must I satisfy to become an investor?
1. What conditions must I satisfy to become an investor?
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You must be over 18, have a bank account and your identity must be verifiable by Fagura.

Fagura platform supports a wide range of investment styles. Some investors prefer an active approach - they can log into their account on a regular basis, browse listed loans on the platform and invest manually. Other investors download the details of the loan and carry out an analysis before investing. Similarly, some investors prefer to choose their investment criteria and allow our automated investment service to execute their investment strategy for them. This option saves investors time, while maintaining control over their investment strategy.

Whether you want to individually select each loan or want to set your investment criteria and let the automated investment service do it for you, Fagura gives you all the information and tools to help you do it.

We recommend that investors hold their investments until maturity in order to benefit from all the interest related to a loan. All the loans listed on Fagura have a maturity of up to three years

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