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V. Automatic Investments (to be released)
1. Who is eligible for automatic investments?
1. Who is eligible for automatic investments?
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Anyone with an investment Fagura account is eligible for an automatic investment. Our automatic investment is designed for investors who prefer their investment criteria to run automatically.

Note, however, that if your investment criteria includes multiple filters, it may take a longer time for the automated investment to distribute money from your account.

Automated investment is not a solution for those who have a small amount of finances in their investment account. The frequency of funded loans is based on the cash balance in your account, the availability of loan requests that meet your investment criteria and the demand from other investors.

The money in your account can be used immediately or over a longer period of time, and there may be weeks when several loans are funded and weeks when loans are not funded at all.

Click here to enter your account and try the automatic investments.

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