Fagura charges a fee from investors for servicing loans, in the amount of 2% from the amount of the received payments. Servicing fee is not an annual fee and therefore can reduce investors returns by more or less than 2%.

Fagura collects this fee for services provided to investors for managing funded loans: keeping investors' virtual accounts, complex analysis of potential borrowers, collecting and processing key payments and interest from borrowers, and distributing monthly payments to investors.

When borrowers pay in advance their loans (fully or partially repay their loans earlier than the contractual maturity date) within the first 12 months of funding, we limit the amount of the service fee, to the amount applied only to the last monthly payment according to the contractual chart.

Within the first 12 months of funding , an investor will never pay a monthly service charge of more than 2% of the monthly payment amount due to such an investor. For example, if the monthly payment amount due to an investor is 75 EUR and an early payment of 1 500 EUR is distributed to the investor's account, it will be charged only with a service fee of 1.5 EUR (2% of the amount of 75 EUR).

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