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X. Referral program
4. Understanding Referral Levels and Bonuses for Referrers
4. Understanding Referral Levels and Bonuses for Referrers
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The levels (1, 2, 3, etc.) within your account, as a Referrer, indicate the stage you're at in receiving your bonus when you've sent out invitations. Each time you successfully bring in 3 new users who meet the conditions, you move up to a new level.

The bonuses are awarded when you reach 3 new referrals, and the bonus amount depends on the type of referral attracted. For example, bringing in 3 investors earns you 45 euros, and for 3 companies, it's 135 euros. The bonus amounts can add up.

Here's an example to illustrate the above: If a Referrer manages to bring in a company borrower (45 euro bonus), a company investor (45 euro bonus), and an individual borrower (15 euro bonus), the Referrer's total bonus, after their referrals invest or borrow, will be 105 euros.

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