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X. Referral program
2. The difference between Referrer and Referral in Fagura's Referral Program
2. The difference between Referrer and Referral in Fagura's Referral Program
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In Fagura's Referral program, it's important to grasp the difference between a Referrer and a Referral. Here's a simple breakdown:


A person with an account on Fagura's platform ( or who shares the invitation link with others. In simple terms, the Referrer is someone already using Fagura, encouraging friends to join.


A person who creates an account on the platform using an invitation link. Put plainly, the Referral is the friend who joins Fagura through a shared link that was shared by a referrer.

The Referral program at Fagura works like this: whenever a user, whether an Investor or a Borrower, invites friends to become Investors or Borrowers on Fagura, they get rewarded under certain conditions.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: The Referrer shares the invitation link with friends.

Step 2: Friends create their accounts on Fagura using the shared link.

Step 3: Friends either invest a minimum of 250 euros each (1,000 euros for companies) or obtain a loan.

Step 4: All participants receive a bonus.

The Referrer can track how many friends they've invited and who has become active on the platform through a special badge. The Referral receives their bonus once they meet the conditions specified when creating their account and can later become a Referrer themselves.

In essence, Fagura's Referral program is a way to reward users for bringing friends into the Fagura community, whether they choose to invest or borrow.

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