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X. Referral program
7. Referrer: What can I see in my referrer account?
7. Referrer: What can I see in my referrer account?
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In your account on Fagura, you'll find a summary with key information:

  • Your level in the referral program, indicated by an animated badge (top-left),

  • The number of clicks on your referral link,

  • The count of accounts created using your link and the stage each invited friend is at,

  • The number of referrals who have met the conditions, and

  • The total bonus amount received so far (euro).

The figures at the top right on the INVITE page of your Fagura account represent the stages your invited friends are at. These figures (clicks, accounts, referrals or euro) provide details about the people you invited who are currently at that stage. Clicking on „Accounts” or „Referrals” opens a summary listing individuals who have created accounts and received their bonus after making an investment or taking a loan on the platform.


Clicking on the number of created accounts under „Referrals” in the summary screen displays initials of the users, partially hidden emails, account types and the stage they are currently in within the referral program.

Clicking on the number of referrals shows a list of those who have met the necessary conditions, including initials of users, partially hidden emails, account types, and the reward received.

This summary helps you provide additional information and support to your friends, enabling them to progress on the platform and receive their bonuses.

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