Yes, borrowers can change the monthly pay date of their payment under the loan agreement.

When the borrower obtains a loan through our platform, the monthly payment date is automatically set on the day of the month on which the loan was granted. For example, if a loan was granted on the 10th of the month, then the further payments will be charged on the 10th of each of the following months.

Sometimes this initial date may be inconvenient for borrowers, or the circumstances of the borrower may change. For example, if a borrower has a new job where the salary is paid on the 15th of the month instead of the 10th of the month, this may cause the borrower to request a change for the payment date. The Borrower is allowed to change his payment date up to 15 days before or after the original maturity. For example, if the original due date was on the 10th of the month, debtors could switch to another due date, which would be the 25th of the month.

We allow changes to the due date as a convenience for theborrowers. We also believe that this policy is an advantage for investors, as this contributes to payments by borrowers in due time.

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