In order to protect the privacy of each person on the platform, the borrower information in the case of natural persons is strictly confidential. Borrowers and investors don’t need to contact each other directly because Fagura automatically manages borrowers' payments and any necessary collection activities.

In the case of loan applications from legal entities (SMEs & Startups), the investor will see the following information in the application:

  • the legal name of the company;

  • tax code;

  • date of registration;

  • the name of the administrator and company associates;

  • credit history;

  • the purpose of the loan and some details about the project.

Primary data related to companies as well as the name of the company's administrator or founders is public information. The additional information is intended to assist the investor in the decision to invest in the loan.

For a faster and more enjoyable experience, we suggest that you download the Fagura app on your phone or tablet from Google Play and/or the App Store - it's also free.

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