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VIII. Recovery of problematic loans
3. What are the stages of recovering the outstanding loan?
3. What are the stages of recovering the outstanding loan?
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Recovering the outstanding loan is a detailed process developed by Fagura. The process involves complex measures that are applied depending on the arrears. On the whole, the collection process consists of three steps:

  1. internal recovery - telephone calls at different stages, information letters, direct contact, graphic adjustments, etc;

  2. addressing the court through a court order and the involvement of the bailiffs for the recovery of the loan;

  3. and, at the final stage, working with a collection agency for legal recovery of the caused damage.

The process of recovering an outstanding loan may last from one day (if the borrower pays the remaining installment) to more than 90 calendar days (if all the previously applied measures have not given any result, the loan is sent to the court or submitted to the collecting agency for the enforcement of legal measures).

You will be informed about all fundraising activities related to funded loans by accessing the "My Investments" link in your personal account and by clicking on the status of a particular loan.

Further measures to counteract possible delays and established contractual penalties could also be considered for each delayed day.

However, each investor must be aware that any recovery measure applied does not rule out the probability that some funded loans may not be generally recovered, either wholly or in part.

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