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X. Referral program
1. Understanding the Fagura Referral Program
1. Understanding the Fagura Referral Program
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What is a Referral Program?

A referral program is a way for Fagura users to recommend their friends or relatives to join and contribute to projects or causes funded on the platform (available on both: and When someone sends a referral to another person, and that referral leads to a financial investment or a loan, the person making the referral receives a bonus. It's a way to encourage the community to grow and support projects by actively involving existing members in bringing in new participants.

Earning Bonuses:

If you invite friends (individuals), you get a bonus of 45 euros for every 3 friends (15 euros / each) who each either obtain a loan or invest a minimum of 250 euros. Your friends will also receive a welcome bonus of 15 euros after meeting the conditions.

If you invite companies (legal entities), you receive a bonus of 135 euros for every 3 companies that obtain a loan or invest over 1,000 euros. The invited companies will also receive a welcome bonus of 45 euros after their investment or loan is approved.

It's that simple! Invite your friends to join the Fagura community.

How to Invite Friends:

Inviting friends is easy. Just copy the invitation link and send it to them. They can then click on the unique link to register on Fagura. Your unique link can be found on the „Invite” page in your personal account.


For valid invitations and for you to receive the promised bonus, your friends must create an account on Fagura, take out a loan or make investments on the platform by funding available loans or purchasing credits from the Secondary Market.

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